An orphaned kitten cried in the rain –
A young man saw and felt its pain.
He brought it to us and we were there for it;
Because of YOU we could care for it

“Please help me—I can’t get up today!
Do you have a volunteer who’ll come my way?
To walk my dog? I cannot say
How much it would mean, for I’m eighty today!”

Someone called and said simply,
“I have no food for my pet.
My food stamps don’t qualify,
And my check isn’t here yet.”
“Don’t worry,” I said, “We’ll be happy to share
What donors have given us. We’ll be right there!”

A woman called and begged us to take
Two mother cats and eight kittens she found by the lake.
Before I said “Yes,” I whispered a prayer:
“To help with the bills, Lord, please urge people
Who care!”

A sixty-year old lady whose future seemed dark
Out of work, cat in carrier, she lived in the park.
A policeman tried to help her find shelter and hope,
But ‘til her cat was safe, she couldn’t begin to cope.
He sent her to us. We took her friend of fine fur
And promised the lady we’d keep him for her.
“Please help me—I’m calling you now
Because under my porch I hear desperate meows!
I think a mom-cat and kittens are trapped somehow.
The cold rain and wind will kill them, I fear-
I’m in a wheelchair, so I need your help here!”

It’s just nine a.m. on a typical day—
I look at our house in sad disarray…
Our cats have been fed (because we started at four!)
But to do the dishes and litter boxes and scrub every floor,
Special diets, medications, daily task galore…
How we need VOLUNTEERS to cover each chore!

I felt soft fur against my leg.
I looked to see her precious eyes beg—
“Yes, My 24-Karat Gold,” I said,
I know you need to be ‘specially fed’
And given fluids, and insulin, and all your meds.
For fourteen years we’ve loved each other
Ever since I rescued your wounded mother
And you were born crippled, the color of gold—
More precious to me than can ever be told.

“Unadoptable,” Handicapped,” “Feral,” “Too shy”
Wouldn’t it be better to let such cats die?
So speak the folks who are missing the thrill
Of each unique life we promise “No Kill”
THESE CATS are our greatest BLESSINGS, it’s clear
As we see in their eyes TRUST replace FEAR.
LORD, send us more SPONSORS to support them each year!

I could barely hear the labored voice on the telephone line:
“Please come take my cat—I know it’s my time!
I should call 911, but I will not go
If my dear cat is left behind, you know?
Please love her and help her mourning to cease—
That’s the only way I can rest at peace!”
We jumped in the car and away we sped—
Yes, in her home we found the dear lady dead.
“Bootsie” looked up and walked our way.
Nineteen years old, she’s with us to stay!